The Awesomeness of the 2016 Maserati Kubang SUV

Maserati Kubang SUV

Maserati Kubang SUV is really a young and new model of crossover SUV. This model was first shown to the public in a Frankfurt Auto Shows in 2011. Immediately after the exhibition, there were quite a bit of different opinions about this new Kuban SUV. Some had said that its design was quite similar to the SUV Audi Q7 while some others had said they seemed to have a similar platform to Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Indeed, that is great feedback for the company. And, so far, the Mirafiori factory in Turin, Italy, has adjusted the cars quite well. As a result, the new Kuban will be in production in Italy in 2014 with a high level of luxury and originality. Let’s now come to see the overview of this awesome dreamt 2014 Maserati Kuban SUV.

As receiving feedback on the similarity between the new Maserati Kuban concept SUV and other luxurious SUV on the market, the company has committed to making its own originality. Consequently, the one released in this 2014 is said to still produce based on the platform of the Jeep Grand Cherokee but everything about the car including design, luxuriousness, engine, brake, and performance will be on its Italian originality. The Maserati company actually has the ownership of Chrysler group. That is why the company could have access to stuff about the Jeep Grand Chrokee.

As added by the Mirafiority factory in Italy, when produced, the Kuban SUV will be with two types of engines, both petrol, and diesel engine. The customers can choose based on their favorite. And, the general performance the manufacturer has planned for this Kuban SUV is a 3000cc V6-powered 237 BHV. By 2018, the engine of the car could be changed to the V8, 560 Horsepower.

Market Target

Roberto Corradi, the vice-president of the Maserati, has said to the media that the SUV model will be in the category of the luxury cars of the world, and European market would be the big target of the company to compete. That is the reason why Diesel engine has to be found the best to equip with this new elegant SUV.

Nonetheless, the details and specifications of the diesel engine, said by the vice president, have not been told. The company might have not decided yet regarding this matter.
As of this current market in the same category of the luxury car, the Maaserati Kuban will have to compete heavily with another world best-known luxury cars including the BMW X5M, Mercedes-Bens ML63, Rrange Rover Sport, and the Porche Cayenne.

It will not be easy at all to compete with these giant brand names of the luxury car models. But, the Italian manufacturing technology and brand name, the company has aimed to fight to earn a seat in the market of a premium luxury car of the world, especially in the European market, as mentioned by its vice president. In 2013, when it was first heard by the public, the average price of a Kuban SUV was $ 70 000 and it rose quite dramatically to around $ 90 000 soon after that.

Soon, the new version of the SUV Kuban, with the promise to be the Italian performance, task, and originality, will be shown again to the public probably in the luxury car exhibition in Detroit. The Meserati company is actually a part of the Chrysler group which is a big gigantic world company of Luxury cars, including the Jeep.

Everything about his car will be produced in an elegant, high class and luxury ways. It is absolutely a masterpiece. That could really be a very nice option if you love to have a car for your family. The new version of Meserati Kubang 2015 details has not been released yet. But, it should be coming soon. Based on the earlier price of just under $ 100, 000 for a Meserati Kuban, the new version might be a bit more expensive since it will be equipped with new technology and other excellent features. However, it does not too much seem to be expensive for a family in developed countries like the United States and Australia. It is really a dream car for many people.

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