5 Best Ski Boots Bags and Snowboard Boots Bags – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a snowboarder or skier? Then you know how helpful it will be to have the best ski boot bag. As skiing gear is expensive, you do not want your boots ruined by water. You need a well-ventilated skiing boot bag with water-resistant and weatherproof design. Furthermore, the kitbag needs to have an ideal shape to prevent squishing your boots.

So if you are in the market to find a bag for your boots, we are here to help. Pick one of the top-selling ski kit bags here to keep your footwear safe. If you are not sure which one to choose, read our buying guide at the end to help you find a suitable one to fit in with your needs.

Whether you ski or snowboard, the best ski boot bags have a durable weatherproof structure to keep your belongings dry and safe. Pick one today as it will be the best investment you will ever make.

List of Top-Rated Ski Boots Bags and Snowboard Boots Bags:

Best Ski Boots Bags and Snowboard Boots Bag Reviews

5. Athalon Everything Boot Bag

Here we have a gorgeous boot bag made for snowboarders and skiers available in multiple colors. The large 58.5-liter capacity holds everything for your trip to the mountains. There are two compartments on the side for your footwear and have a zippered ventilated design.

On the inside, it has enough space for your pants or other items you may need. The shoulder straps are padded, and there are four lumbar pads on the back. For ease of carrying, it has a handle, and the construction of polyester makes the backpack durable.

Ski Boot Bag at a glance:

  • Travel-ready ski boot bag that fits clothing, helmet and more
  • Big storage space with ventilated side pockets for your boots, zippered, and center section for clothing
  • Padded hidden straps with a lumbar backpack and front carry handles
  • Designed with drainage grommets and made with PVC bottom and bungee cord
  • The capacity of 3570 cubic inches (58.5 liters)
  • Fits a boot with a size up to 13 (men’s size)

What we like:

  • Well ventilated pockets
  • Your boot remains in shape
  • Designed with reflective stripes
  • You can stow the shoulder straps
  • Roomy design

What we do not like:

  • When fully packed it can be heavy

4. Unigear Ski Boot Travel Backpack for Ski Helmet

Now, if you need a large backpack for carrying your boot and other items, it helps to have this kitbag from UNIGEAR. The 50L storage offers you a load of space to hold your footwear, gloves, clothing, helmet, and more. The backpack has a separate storage compartment and holds a size 12.5 shoe.

There are pockets to keep items organized, and it has adjustable webbing with flipping down back-panel to use as a standing mat. The bag has a waterproof structure with a softback panel with straps and adjustable for carrying.

Ski Boot Bag at a glance:

  • Has separate compartments for your boots and other items
  • Fits a size 12.5 shoe
  • Made with adjustable webbing, you can attach to your snowboard or skis
  • The back-panel flips down to use as a standing mat
  • Made with 1050D nylon and well-padded
  • Equipped with a soft padded mesh back and straps with adjustable system

What we like:

  • Durable and holds up well for years
  • Smooth zippers
  • Big capacity for different skiing gear

What we do not like:

  • The fabric is on the thin side but does make it lightweight

3. Sukoa Sports Backpack for Snowboard & Ski Boots

Compared to the other backpacks on the list, the SUKOA is one of the best ski boot bags available online. You get a 50L capacity to keep your gloves, boots, clothing, and helmet. There are three compartments to keep items organized and have a vertical design to help distribute weight. The structure is even great for traveling on planes and trips.

The padded back offers you comfort with the mesh straps and water-resistant coating lines found at the bottom. Even the zippers are weather-resistant, giving you access to your gear. There are side straps, and the boot compartment is reinforced to prevent the shoes from digging into your back.

Ski Boot Bag at a glance:

  • Lined with water-resistant coating
  • Has a vertical design with reinforced back support
  • Offers you a 50L capacity to keep different skiing gear
  • Designed with three individual compartments
  • Has side straps with smooth zippers
  • The boot pockets reinforced to help retain the shape
  • Comes with two carrier handles

What we like:

  • Durable design
  • Equipped with water-resistant lining
  • Spacious compartments
  • Fits into tight spaces

What we do not like:

  • Does not have a helmet sling

2. Thule RoundTrip Boot Backpack

Here we have a premium ski boot bag with ample capacity to keep your gear organized. You can stow your footgear in the rear compartment for ease of access. Furthermore, the back panel doubles up as a standing mat, and the backpack offers you two-way accesses to the front and top of the bag. There are dedicated compartments for your sunglasses, phone, and fragile gear.

You get two side pockets for accessories and the shoulder straps padded. There are multiple grab handles, and you can connect it to your snowboard bag. Another fantastic feature is that the water escapes through the available grommets placed in the boot compartment.

Ski Boot Bag at a glance:

  • Has a rear compartment for ski boots
  • Designed with back panel door that serves as a standing mat
  • Offers you two-way access to the front and top of the backpack
  • Equipped with safe zone pockets for delicate gear
  • You can easily attach your snowboard, poles, helmet, and skis
  • Has two spacious pockets on the side for accessories
  • Durable waterproof construction with padded straps

What we like:

  • Decent bag with loads of room and pockets
  • Unzips to hold your boots
  • Enough room in the main compartment
  • Multiple handles

What we do not like:

  • When fully loaded it can collapse to the side once removing your boots

1. Athletico Ski Boot Bag  Skiing and Snowboarding Travel Luggage

Now, if you want the best ski boot bag get your hands on this backpack from ATHLETICO. The kitbag has gorgeous patterns and is available in four colors. The interior is spacious to accommodate ski and snowboard gear. You carry it as a backpack with the padded shoulder straps. You can take it in your hand as well with the front handle.

The polyester fabric makes the boot bag durable and has a waterproof lining to keep items dry. There are two ventilated boot compartments found on the side with easy access.

Ski Boot Bag at a glance:

  • The boot bag for skiing and snowboarding is outdoor ready with the weatherproof design
  • Has versatile storage with side-entry zips
  • Designed with separate boot compartment
  • Padded well and offers lumbar back support
  • The straps are hidden and have front, padded handles
  • Has reflective piping for safety

What we like:

  • Fascinating patterns and colors
  • Comfortable padded handles
  • Reasonably sized compartments
  • Reflective piping

What we do not like:

  • Bulky when fully packed

Ski Boots Bags and Snowboard Boots Bags Buying Guide

Choosing the right ski boot bag can be confusing as there are so many brands and models available. Here are some tips for finding the best boot bag for skiing and snowboarding.

Pick your bag according to your boot size!

While most of the backpacks made for footwear fit your boot size, you can still find some brands catering for only specific sizes. Therefore, always check the size of your boot before buying one.

Furthermore, look at the capacity load if you want to carry different winter gear with you. The kitbags reviewed on the list offer you ample space to take your footwear, clothing, and other essential safety accessories.

How comfortable is the backpack to carry?

As you will be traveling up slopes or even on long trips, it helps to have a ski boot bag that is comfortable to carry. Look for convertible shoulder straps that you can tuck away. As the most boot bags do not have detachable shoulder straps look for one that offers you versatility. Make sure the kitbag has multiple handles with adjustable webbing and belts to make your trip comfortable.

Added Storage

The boot bags reviewed on the list offer you ample storage with added pockets for clothing, fragile gear, helmets, boots, and more. You may even find a backpack offering a lanyard to attach keys or your skis, helmet, snowboard, and more.

Is the boot bag weatherproof?

When you travel up the slopes, you need a ski boot bag with a weatherproof design. You do not want your winter gear to get wet, ruining your expensive equipment. Therefore, pay attention to the type of material used to construct the backpack. For the best ski boot bag, we recommend the ATHALON as it has drainage grommets in the boot compartment to remove access water from the shoes.

Other Features:

  • Check the zippers to see if they are waterproof and works smoothly when used
  • Look if the boot bag has reflective stripes as it helps when you travel at night
  • Lastly, look for a bag that protects your sensitive gear such as your phone and sunglasses to prevent it from getting damaged

Final Thoughts

When you’re skiing or snowboarding it is fun, but lugging around the equipment can get a bit much. Therefore, we hope you find the best ski boot bag here to help haul around your winter gear. The majority of the backpacks reviewed offer an excellent carrying capacity with ample pockets for keeping items secure and dry. These kit bags are great for weekend skiing trips and are one of the best investments you will make to keep your equipment safe.

List of Best Selling Ski Boots Bags and Snowboard Boots Bags:

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