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Boosts immunity & soothes allergies
Contains probiotics & omega-3
90 chews for long-term use
May not work for all dogs
Immunity Boosting Dog Allergy Chews by Ready Pet Go are perfect for dogs suffering from seasonal allergies. These chews provide hot spot and itch relief with the help of natural ingredients like ACV, Alaskan Salmon Oil, and Colostrum. The chews also contain probiotics that help boost your dog's immune system, making them less susceptible to allergies in the future. Each pack of Immunity Boosting Dog Allergy Chews contains 90 delicious chews that your furry friend will love. With regular use, these chews can help reduce the frequency and severity of your dog's allergies, making them happier and healthier overall. The chews are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and are free from wheat, corn, and soy, making them safe for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Give your dog the relief they deserve with Immunity Boosting Dog Allergy Chews by Ready Pet Go.
Ready Pet Go! undefined2
Package Dimensions9.25 x 6.81 x 2.17 inches; 12.7 Ounces
ManufacturerReady Pet Go!
Item FormOil
BrandReady Pet Go!
Item Weight360 Grams
Target SpeciesDog
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