Protection and safety are absolutely important when it comes to your vehicle since they are such a big investment for an individual. This is why more and more people are looking for professional and efficient car alarms which give the most protection to the vehicle after it’s installed. There is a large variety of products and you need to get reliable information on the auto security systems which are currently available so that you can find the right one that is suited to your needs and for the value of the car.

Some of the features to look out for include making sure the alarm shuts off on its own after two or three minutes, and find a system which has a starter disabler. You’ll want to find out if the system will arm itself even if there is a faulty switch. You’ll want both hood and trunk protection and a system that ignores triggers from false alarms by bypassing a sensor that sets the system off continuously in a certain period of time.

Below you’ll find the top 10 best car alarms of 2016 reviews so you can start your search here.

08. SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System by Crime Stopper

Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe 1-Way Alarm and Keyless Entry System
  • Crimestopper 1-way Car Alarm and Keyless Entry...
  • 500 feet of range, up to 1500 feet in optimum...
  • Remote key-less entry with programmable double...
  • Emergency override/disarm feature allows to open...
  • Two 4-button remote transmitters included

This alarm and keyless entry system is the entry-level security system from this company and will give your vehicle a good layer of protection. It includes 2 Ultra-slim style transmitters with 4 buttons, single adjustable shock sensor, a single stage, LED light and valet switch, 20-watt high power single tone siren and a starter kill output. This security system is state of the art and also includes a keyless entry feature that is highly popular due to the convenience of it.

07. Car Alarm and Keyless Entry System w/Internal Shock Sense G1SX by Gravity

Unknown Gravity Car Alarm & Keyless Entry System w/Internal Shock Sensor G1SX, Black
  • Internal Shock sensor, Valet Mode with button
  • Trunk release function
  • Build-In Parking Light Relay
  • Door Lock-Unlock Output (-200mA)
  • Built-In Shock Sensor

This alarm system has an internal shock sensor, and also includes many other great features such as a valet mode with button and a trunk release function. It has a parking light relay built in plus a door lock-unlock output. This alarm even has a built-in shock sensor.

06. SP-402 Car Alarm with Keyless Entry and Remote Start by Crime Stopper

Crimestopper SP-402 Car Alarm with Remote Start, Keyless Entry and Engine Disable
  • 2 Sleek 5-button Transmitters With...
  • Up To 2,300ft Range
  • Twin Data Ports To Accommodate Both Fortin & Ads...
  • Smartphone Interface Port
  • Audible & Visual Arm & Disarm With Intrusion Alert

This 1-way combo alarm includes a remote start system and keyless entry, plus two 5-button transmitters. It has all the security components that are needed to keep your vehicle safe which includes a starter kill output, a dual-stage shock sensor, and a 25-watt high-powered single-tone siren.

It also has programmable features such as arm and disarms chirps active arming and passing arming mode, remote panic protection, car jack protection, active rearm mode, 1 or3 seconds door lock pulse and unlock or lock through the vehicle’s ignition.

05. DX382 Universal Car Alarm System by OX Vision

XO Vision DX382 Universal Car Alarm System with Two 4-Button Remotes
  • Includes two four-button keychain remotes for...
  • Advanced electronic shock sensor emit a warning or...
  • Convenience features like car finder, power trunk...
  • Anti car jacking protection
  • One-year warranty

This alarm system is a good way to protect your vehicle without having to break the bank. It includes modern features such as anti-carjacking protection, arming/disarming by remote, plus an advanced electronic shock sensor. Its convenience features include a car finder, which makes one long sound that is followed by thirty seconds of flashing lights on your vehicle, so you never have to worry about losing your vehicle in a crowded parking lot again.

It also has a high-frequency transmitter/receiver to avoid interference from other radio devices.

04. Astra 777 2-Way Paging Car Alarm Security System by Scytek

Scytek Astra 777 2-Way Paging Car Alarm Vehicle Security System with LCD Remote Transmitter
  • One Carbon Fiber 2-Way 5 Button LCD remote control...
  • Built-In Parking-Light Relay
  • Plug-in user programmable Coded Override Switch
  • Plug-in Dual-Zone Dual Adjust Piezo Sensor
  • Remote Door Locking/Unlocking negative outputs;...

This alarm system for your car has many useful features such as a built-in parking relay and a plug-in user-programmable coded override switch. This system is simple to use with the included one 2-way five-button remote control with vibration mode and LCD features, plus one standard four-button remote. The remote door locking and unlocking negative outputs, plus the passenger unlocks output make this an even better system to have.

03. Xpress DX345 Car Alarm by Directed Electronics

Xpress DX345 Car Alarm with Programmable Hijack System, Trunk Release, Auto Central Lock, 3-Channel Alarm System
  • Two 4 Button Transmitters
  • Programmable Hijack System
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Auto Central Lock
  • 3 Channel Alarm System

This alarm system has two, 4 button transmitters and a programmable hijack system. It includes a remote trunk release plus an auto central lock, keeping your whole vehicle protected. This 3 channel alarm system will work around the clock so that you and your vehicle are kept safe.

02. 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm by Viper

Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm Keyless Entry
  • 3-Channel 1-way Security System with Keyless Entry...
  • FailSafe starter kill.
  • Anti-carjacking & Panic Alarm Feature
  • Revenger six-tone soft-chirp siren and parking...
  • Bright blue status LED warns thieves and gives you...

This is one of the most popular alarm systems which the company carries, for good reason. It has a FailSafe starter kill system and an anti-carjacking mode, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe. You can hook up a remote start to this system as well, and you’ll enjoy the great features such as bright blue states LED that warns thieves and gives you information about the system and the panic alarm feature.

01. Ads 5704V Viper 2 Way Alarm by Viper

AUTOMATE 5305A 2 Way LCD Vehicle CAR Alarm KEYLESS Entry Remote Start System/Free NUTEK Headphones
  • 2-way full feature car alarm system
  • Remote start feature with usb charging
  • Included is a 2-Way Pager remote + 1-Way 5 button...
  • Viper Start Smart capable ( with paid subscription...
  • SuperCode remote encryption for added security

This 2-way full feature car alarm features remote start and USB charging. It has a 5-button remote control with a one-mile range, and it starts smart compatible with a subscription and an additional module. This is a great model from a trusted company that will keep you and your vehicle protected around the clock.

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