Top 9 Best Wiper Blades

Maintaining your vehicle at the top performance means paying attention to every functional part, which includes the windshield wiper blades. Around ninety percent of your driving decisions are based upon how well you can see the road ahead of you. It is detrimental for your own safety and the safety of your passengers and others around you to have an unobstructed and clear view through your windshield. It is recommended that every six months you need to replace your wiper blades to make sure they are performing correctly. If you don’t have the correct wiper blades, however, you’ll be changing them out for new ones before the six months goes by. You can stay away from all this trouble by purchasing the best wiper blades available.

Below you’ll find a list of the top 9 best wiper blades in 2016 review so you can decide which ones are perfect for your vehicle.

9. Valeo 60015 600 Series Windshield Wiper Blade

These wiper blades are constructed of Tec3 advanced rubber. The premium quality of these blades includes an all-metal vented superstructure for the top quality of wipe at any speed, pin-type construction for an improved blade to windshield contact and longer durability and galvanized steel for superior resistance to corrosion. There is a synthetic rubber upper-body that resists permanent set deformity and more resistance, plus a natural rubber wiping edge for the best wipe quality. The protective coating gives you quieter and smoother wipes.

8. Advantage All-Season Metal Wiper Blade by ACDelco

These blades are of a conventional style with steel construction that gives you durability and strength, letting them stand up to harsh weather. These wipers feature an easy-fit universal adaptor that lets them be installed on over ninety percent of vehicles on the road without any additional adaptors needed. These blades will make it so you have a clean and clear windshield, keeping you safe while driving.

7. Frameless ULTIMATE All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blade by Valeo

These wiper blades give you the best visibility in several kinds of conditions of driving. This blade has a revolutionary flat design which is like one piece of rubber, whereas other blades have two pieces of rubber which are glued together. You get the quietest performance with this blade without chatter or vibration due to the 1,500 pressure points on the blade while moving across the windshield, instead of the conventional blade that only has 4 to 8 pressure points.

6. Evolution All-Season Bracketless Wiper Blade by Bosch

These wiper blades are bracketless and are also known as beam blades. They are made without the plastic or metal brackets, hinges or joints of conventional wiper blades. This makes it so ice and snow do not have anywhere to build up, plus the design of Bosch Evolution which is patented has dual steel springs that are precision-tensioned and which distribute pressure which is more uniform along the whole length of the blade for the best visibility in any kind of weather.

5. 8-In-1 Latitude Premium Wiper Blade by Rain-X

These blades from Rain-X contours to the unique curvature of the windshield to give you an even and smooth pressure along the whole blade lengths. These blades give the best visibility in sleet, rain and snow, and the squeegee made of synthetic rubber resists cracking in temperatures that are extreme. Plus, it prevents snow and ice from building up because no metal parts are exposed. These blades fit more than 98% of vehicles because of the pre-installed j-hook adapter and the multi-adapter included for side pin, bayonet, and j-hook wiper blade arms.

4. Stealth Ultra Wiper Blade by Michelin

This wiper blade uses smart hybrid flex design technology and has a segmented cover that doesn’t clog with ice, debris or snow. The blade reads the contour of the windshield for a bigger range of windshield fits. It’s constructed of a high-quality material that makes it durable and the hard, sleek cover makes sure that the debris and ice just roll off. It is made tough so you get the best performance, even in weather conditions that are extreme.

3. Latitude Wiper Blades by Rain-X

This blade stops the buildup of snow and ice since it doesn’t have any exposed metal parts. The special blend of rubber blades coated with graphite makes a chatter-free and smooth wipe. The substructure is encased in rubber, making the wiper blade more flexible and have better grip. It is easy to install and the squeegee made of synthetic rubber stands up to extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures. The contoured shape makes even and continuous pressure on the windshield so you get a clearer view.

2. 31-Series Wiper Blade by Anco

The advanced one-piece design of this wiper blade resists freezing and corrosion for performance in all seasons. The OE-style spoiler gives you a superior blade-to-windshield contract for the best viewing area and the exclusive DuraKlear-Plus wiper element gives you a wipe which is streak-free.

1. Clear Advantage Wiper Blade by Bosch

This is a true all-weather wiper blade, being able to hold up in even the worst weather. The steel spring is precision-tensioned and applies uniform pressure along the whole length of the blade to give it wiping performance which is consistent over the whole windshield. The aerodynamic wind spoiler makes a downforce, which prevents the blade from lifting off at high speeds or in heavy winds. You’ll get a clear, clean result for the best in driving safety and visibility.

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