Top 8 Best Snow Shovel with Wheels

Snowblowers are important gadgets landscapers in snowfall areas should not lack. Making the right selection of these machines is difficult as you will find different models with different features in the market. Herein you will learn top snow blowers that you should consider most whenever you need to make the purchase.

Top ten snow blowers you should know

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08. Snow Joe ION15SB-CT 40-Volt 15-Inch

This is a technology-powered machine with a patent-pending lithium-ion rechargeable battery system of 40-volts. The machine’s ion delivers runtime of up to 30 minutes without emitting any carbon compounds to the air.

You won’t encounter any frustrations since it has no pull-cords, oil, gas or other tangled or tune-ups cords.

07. Poulan Pro

This is among the machines that can easily maneuver your yard. The Poulan Pro PR521ES features an electric start and a 136ccLCT engine.

It has a 13-inch intake height and a 21-inch clearing width that is ideal when working on your driveways and sidewalks in light snow accumulation areas.

06. Snow joe 324E 11 inches

Snow removal has been simplified by this model as you will complete the job quickly and effortlessly without emitting toxic gases to the environment.

It is equipped with a 2-blade durable paddle auger making it capable to throw snow a distance of up to 20 feet making a clearance of up to 6 inches deep and 11-inches wide in a single pass.

05. Greenworks PRO 20-Inch

This is a cordless 80V snow blower equipped with a 20-inch auger width and a powerful lithium-ion power of 80V.

It is among the ideal machines you should consider to easily and quickly clear your sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

04. Briggs & Stratton 1696614 24″

It has a 208 cc 950 snow series engine with a torque of 9.50 to clear through the heavier snowfalls. It comes along with an electric start making it easily operated.

It is also equipped with a friction disc drive system with two reverse and five forward speeds with a steel scroll auger 12 inches long.

03. Cordless Snow Joe ION8024-XR

This is a cordless machine equipped with a powerful 2500 W brushless motor and rechargeable groundbreaking 80-V power plant.

This model has all that is required to weather the winter’s worst times clearing tasks. It has two interchangeable batteries 5.0Ah and 40 V Eco Sharp to allow a cord-free and gas-free run time of up to 30 minutes.

02. Snow Joe SJ624E Electric

If you need to clear your sidewalks and driveways quickly, this is the machine to go for. It is the largest snow thrower you will find in the market.

The Snow Joe SJ624E boasts 14-amp motor making it easily move snow of up to 730 pounds every minute.

01. Snow Joe SJ625E

For an easy to use machine, then consider the Snow Joe SJ625E as it is capable of tackling heavier snowfall in your sidewalks and driveways. It has been made to deliver the power of a gas device.

The Snow Joe SJ625E machine is driven by a powerful 15 amp motor to enable it to move snow of up to 800 lbs in a single minute.


These are among the top snow throwers that you should consider most while planning to make a purchase for the same. In my opinion, considering the 28-inch snow blower can be the best thing you would have done as they tend to be easier to use.

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