Top 10 Best Ski Car Racks

After stressful and exhausting work hours, people tend to look for trips to interesting play areas. Spending weekends on a ski trip with family or friends is a perfect option to get rid of the worries. For a great ski trip, the skis must be protected as best as possible. This is the main factor that makes many people wonder. Because of that reason, the ski car racks provide solutions to make your journeys with your beloved ones full of fun and joy.

The ski car racks save you lots of space as they make the most of the car’s exterior parts to help you accommodate your skis. Not only that, but they can also hold a number of other tools depending on the purpose of the user. With the ability to be detachable and folded, the ski car racks are very convenient to carry or install on other cars. Therefore, you do not need to worry that they will be permanently fixed on your vehicle. Not only skis, but they can also carry equipment for other sports.

They can be a unique car decoration or easily stored in a warehouse when you are not using them. However, you can be overwhelmed by the countless models and designs of ski car racks on the market. Therefore, choosing the one that best suits the purpose of the use is something to consider. Keep reading our reviews below to find out your favorite ski car rack.

1. Rhino Rack Carrier Ski Car Rack

The very first production on this list comes from Rhino Rack. It is presented as one of the greatest solutions for transporting the snow gear securely to the mountain. The product’s weight is 5.78 pounds, and its dimensions are 18 x 6 x 6 inches. Just by merely placing the snowboard or skis in roof-mounted snow accessories of this ski car rack of Rhino Rack, you can keep your equipment clutter-free and your vehicle’s interior dry.

Besides, the release mechanism makes opening and closing the ski car rack easy and saves you a lot of time. It can be paired perfectly with other accessories, such as crossbars, to suit each user’s preferences. Plus, many of the supporting gears such as rubber grip and key locking will help protect the skis from damage in the best way as well as support the security to avoid theft. Other features ensure long term durability for this Rhino Rack ski car rack are rustproof, waterproof, mold resistance, and UV protection. Last but not least, the 5-year warranty from the manufacturer will greatly assist you when you need to repair it. However, its bolts are relatively short, and this has made some customers not very satisfied.

2. TMS Top Mount Kayak Carrier Ski Car Rack

The second ski car rack on the list comes from TMS. It is significantly designed to be suitable for serving some sports such as ski, snowboarding, kayak, canoe surfing, and boat surfing. The product’s weight is 16 pounds, and its dimensions are 17.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches. This TMS ski car rack is described as an ideal item to carry your sports equipment. Not only that, but it is also designed to fit any type of load bar and crossbar which are available on the market. Made from high-quality durable steel, this ski car rack is always ready to work in an amazing way. Plus, the adjustable padding offers equipment protection as well as carrying strength. Special parts are added so that the assembly or dismantling process is quick and smooth.

Additionally, the J-style carrier supports users to save their space. The rust-resistant hardware and coating for surfaces are designed to ensure that this product will be long-lasting and can work in all weather conditions. However, its size is limited.

3. Allen Sports Hitch 4-Bike Ski Car Rack

The ski car rack from Allen Sports is quite different from the others. It is designed for rear-car installation. Also, this Allen Sports ski car rack is very suitable for transporting bicycles. The product’s weight is 22 pounds, and its dimensions are 26 x 3.5 x 14 inches. With its special structure, this Allen Sports ski car rack will help you comfortably transport the bike anytime, anywhere.

Besides, the unique locking hitch makes installation and dismantling simple and fast. The tie-down cradles prevent your vehicles or sports equipment from damage. Plus, the folding arms support you to easily carry or store in a warehouse, car. The lift-gate access process is now a lot easier due to the rack’s mainmast. Being adjustable makes this Allen Sports ski car rack possible to carry a variety of bicycle sizes. Sturdy structure and unique appearance are two reasons that make it stand out from other types. However, its price is relatively high in the market. Other than bicycles, this rack is less suitable for other sports equipment.

4. Thule Mount Carrier Passage Trunk Ski Car Rack

Similar to Allen Sports ski car rack, this Thule one is uniquely designed, suitable for rear-car installation. The product’s weight is 10.8 pounds, and its dimensions are 16.9 x 39 x 22 inches. It contains many special features to accompany you on every car journey. First of all, the rubber cradles are soft, so they can hold the bike securely as well as protect its frame.

Secondly, the patented FitDial design helps you comfortably adjust to fit your vehicle. The arms are foldable, so this Thule ski car rack is very convenient for both traveling and storage in the warehouse. Plus, you can easily adjust the width of the cradle arms to fit different sizes and designs of bikes. The anti-sway function prevents the bikes from damage. Additionally, the 6-strap system ensures maximum safety and security. The durable, high-quality materials make this Thule ski car rack possible for a long time to work. For example, the vinyl-coated buckles keep the rack from scratches to make it look intact. However, the process of putting the bikes on the rack seems a bit difficult.

5. Car Rack & Carrier Foldable Rooftop Universal Kayaks Mounted Ski Car Rack

The ski car rack from Car Rack & Carrier is a great solution for carrying equipment for various types of sport such as kayak, standup paddleboarding, canoe surfing, and snowboarding. The product’s weight is 20.8 pounds, and its package dimensions are 18.2 x 14.5 x 11.1 inches. This ski car rack contains 4 foldable racks with J-shape which allows cars to fit the parking garage’s space without having to remove.

Plus, the durable materials and the straps from Ratchet Pulley help it work smoothly for a long time. The surfaces of this rack are covered with high-quality out-door paint for resisting all bad weather conditions. In addition, the rubber-base cover and the extra foam padding provide slip resistance, waterproof, and sun protection. The pre-punched, strong, stable holes and the indented tubing designs are made for excellent alignment. Last but not least, this ski car rack always ensures maximum safety for users. The only downside is that it seems the carriage screws are a bit wide.

6. Allen Sports Hitch 5-Bike Ski Car Rack

Another ski car rack on this list comes from Allen Sports. It has a deluxe and eye-catching appearance, suitable for customers who want to show personality. The product’s weight is 20 pounds, and its dimensions are 30 x 17 x 5 inches. This Allen Sports ski car rack is presented as one of the most ideal tools for camping excursions or road trips because it can carry 5 bicycles at the same time.

Furthermore, the hitches of this rack are designed for users to easily use and transport. The cradle system equipped for this ski car rack prevents the bikes from damage. The carrying arms support the installation and transportation of many different types of bicycles. Plus, the rack can tilt back to access lift-gate easier and to be folded out whenever you do not use it. The no-wobble bolt is made hold sports equipment stable and free from swaying during movement. Additionally, the powder-coated finish prevents this Allen Sports ski car rack from scratches and stains. While it is quite suitable for many types of adult bikes, it does not fit with some bicycles for young children.

7. Mrhardware Heavy Duty Tie-Mount Ski Car Rack

The ski car rack from Mrhardware is designed for perfectly carrying some big vehicles such as a surfing boat, a surfing canoe, or a kayak. The product’s weight is 15.43 pounds, and its dimensions are 17.7 x 6.7 x 14.5 inches. It is among the best low-cost solution to serve your trips or your picnics well.

Also, this Mrhardware ski car rack contains a lot of security features to ensure safe and good trips for customers. The configuration has a long rope to keep things, sports equipment free from swaying and more stable. Additionally, durable and high-quality materials assure users that the ski car rack will remain sustainable in the long run. The adjustable padding in steel design adds stamina so the ski car rack can support you to transport large volumes of vehicles. Plus, the surface is covered by rust-resistant hardware and coating. However, there are some choking hazards of this ski car rack.

8. Malone Universal Universal Pro2 Ski Car Rack

This Malone ski car rack is called Stax Pro2. It is a unique, trendy design that makes many customers fancy. The product’s weight is 8.10 pounds, and its dimensions are 21.8 x 8.8 x 7 inches. With a lightweight and relatively small size, Stax Pro2 will certainly satisfy you because it makes the ski car rack easier for you to transport or store in the warehouse.

Not only that, this is the latest model from Malone, making it upgraded with many special functions. For example, fold-down technology makes installation and dismantling process simpler. The additional padding and straps also make the transportation process more smooth and convenient. The platforms of injection-molded nylon and the aluminum posts ensure the durability and long-term viability of the product. Plus, the fold-down system is very useful in saving fuel. However, it may not fit some cars.

9. Malone Downloader Universal Folding Ski Car Rack with Stern Lines

Another ski car rack from Malone on this list will make customers preferred by its unique, fashionable design with eye-catching colors. The product’s weight is 16.3 pounds, and its dimensions are 21 x 10 x 8 inches. With the large capacity, this Malone ski car rack helps you transport the vehicles or sport equipments smoother and easier.

Therefore, all your trips will be perfect. The boarding ramp makes the loading process easier. Plus, fold-down technology offers overhead clearance. This Malone ski car rack is equipped with the oversized padding to protect vehicles well during transport. Moreover, some features like load straps, mounting hardware, and buckle protectors prevent the equipment from stains and scratches. However, the load capacity is relatively lower than many other products on the market today.

10. Allen Sports Hitch 3-Bike Ski Car Rack

The last ski car rack on this list also comes from Allen Sports. Its deluxe design is undoubtedly a great advantage to attract consumers. The product’s package weight is 21.8 pounds, and its dimensions are 13.2 x 26.8 x 25.2 inches. The foldable carrying arms of this ski car rack are made for easy storing to save your house’s space. It also provides greater flexibility for dismantling and installation.

Plus, the tie-down system protects and secures your vehicles. The ski car rack’s main mast can be tilted back to access the liftgate easier. Moreover, the hardware is included to ensure the durability for long term use as well as prevent the vehicles from damage. However, its price is relatively high compared to other competing ski car rack.


Weekend trips are what everyone wants. The ski car racks are indispensable tools for a perfect trip. Among the numerous ski car racks on the market today, you should choose the one that best suits your purpose as well as fits your car. We hope the above reviews will assist you in purchasing your favorite one.

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