Top 9 Best Scooter Ramps

Parents always want to own items that can both support the household chores and become a playground for children. These scooter ramps seem to be able to meet those requirements. First of all, a scooter ramp is foldable to be compact, so you can take it with you whenever you want to use it anywhere. Next, the scooter ramp is very useful for transporting bulky items such as bikes, motorbikes, wheelchairs, and shopping carts. Thanks to it, moving furniture and cleaning the house become much easier and more convenient. Therefore, scooter ramp also significantly saves you effort and time. Also, scooter ramp can become an interesting playground for children both indoors and outdoors.

It is like a safe slide for toddlers. Moreover, older children can use the scooter ramp as a place to practice skateboarding. This function often satisfies parents because they want their kids to develop both physically and mentally. Hence, you can be assured that your children always have fun and joy moments without the need for electronic mobile devices such as laptops or tablets. However, with the variety of scooter ramp models appearing on the market today, choosing the most suitable one is always difficult. Our reviews below can help you find a scooter ramp that will satisfy you both in quality and price.

9. Titan Ramps Medical Rack Mobility Carrier Hitch Mounted Scooter Ramp

The second product on this list is the scooter ramp from Titan Ramps. This scooter ramp is presented as an ideal item for making your life much easier when transporting bulky things. The product’s weight is 80 pounds, and its dimensions are measured at 4.25 inches in depth, length of 46.5 inches and width of 28 inches. These numbers make the scooter ramp easy to carry around or store when not needed.

In addition, high-quality durable materials such as heavy-duty steel also ensure this Titan Ramps scooter ramp’s smooth operation for long term use. Besides, it is constructed greatly for resisting bowing, bending, and corrosion. Moreover, its manufacturer always tries to provide devoted customer services whenever you want to seek help or repair a scooter ramp.

The support staff and consultants are always enthusiastic, so you are able to access remote help anytime. Although it is useful to help you transport your belongings, the shape and structure of this scooter ramp are not suitable to become a playground for children.

8. Landwave 2 Pack Skateboard Scooter Ramp

Another scooter ramp from Landwave on the list contains 2 ramps that can be used separately or in combination to bring unique experiences. Plus, its design is perfectly suited to practicing a variety of sports such as inline skating, RC car racing, BMX biking, and skateboarding in many ways, indoors or outdoors. Not only that, but the different types of shapes also make you have more uses.

Additionally, this Landwave scooter ramp. It is also a safe playground for your children to have moments of fun and help them increase physical health and resistance. Besides, the components are also designed to fit tight for you to easily install as well as disassemble for compact arrangements in a smooth way. Moreover, it is patented in the US, so you can be assured of the durability and quality of the product. Also, this Landwave scooter ramp does not require any special tools, so it is easy to install or disassemble. While it is useful for playing sports, the capabilities of helping to transport belongings are shown less.

7. Silver Spring Foam Threshold High Lightweight Scooter Ramp

The scooter ramp from Silver Spring is presented as an ideal tool for helping people transport things at different heights. The product’s weight is 3 pounds, and its dimensions are 18 x 36 x 3 inches. It is the compactness and lightness that makes this Silver Spring scooter ramp completely different from other ones. Also, the ramp is equipped with a foam threshold, making transportation work much smoother, simpler and safer. Additionally, high-quality and durable materials, as well as multi-density foam core, are designed for optimal no-scratch, no-mar traction in every weather condition.

Therefore, you are always assured that this ramp will work well in the long run. Not only is it conveniently arranged and transported, but you can also easily clean this Silver Spring scooter ramp with just soap and water. Besides, you can use it with many different functions to support a number of indoor and outdoor tasks. On the other hand, lightweight means that it can bear less weight than some scooter ramps. Its price is also relatively high compared to the general market.

6. Drive Medical Portable Gun Metal Single Fold Scooter Ramp

This scooter ramp from Drive Medical is constructed to be suitable with many different surface heights. The product’s shipping weight is 19 pounds, and its dimensions are 37 x 16 x 4 inches. Abundant supporting gears included like travel bag and carry handle means that this Drive Medical gun metal scooter ramp is always ready to be used, carried, and stored. Additionally, the lightweight durable construction with folding design helps you in transportation a lot.

Not only that, the Drive Medical scooter ramp is specially equipped with many perforated slots for keeping water and other impurities from collecting. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are always in a safe state during use. The classy and unique designs make this Drive Medical relatively stand out in the market. In spite of being quite convenient and compact to support the transport works, its shape does not seem suitable to make a playground for children to practice sports.

5. Clevr Extra Loading Traction Extra Wide Lightweight Folding Scooter Ramp

The scooter ramp of Clevr Extra is designed for safe approaches to curbs, porches, and landings. The product’s weight is 16 pounds, and its dimensions are 36 x 31.2 x 2 inches. This Clevr Extra scooter ramp contains a lot of unique features such as safety pins, grit coat, and carrying handle. Hence, it provides super traction in every weather condition, and it also offers great landing and locking attachment. Besides, the sturdy and durable construction ensures that this Clevr Extra scooter ramp will keep working well in long term use. The foldable designs make the ramp easy to collapse it to carry or store in the warehouse.

Additionally, the included accessories like a bottom grip also support the user ‘s safety as well as prevent this scooter ramp from dropping and slipping during use. Despite its rugged, sturdy appearance, this Clevr Extra scooter ramp is relatively light compared to many other types on the market today, making it more convenient to transport. Safety pins and fold-flat design makes every process easier. However, the small size makes it suitable only for some certain works.

4. HomCom Folding Portable Threshold Mobility Scooter Ramp

This scooter ramp from HomCom is relatively lightweight and foldable to be stored at home or in vehicles for everyday use. The product’s weight is 33.1 pounds, and its dimensions are 38 x 16 x 10 inches. Not only suitable for wheelchairs, but this scooter ramp also offers easy access for motorcycles, bikes, and many different wheeled objects. Besides, its outstanding point compared to other types on the market is its special structure and firm material.

For example, the skid roof and ribbed surface prevent things from sliding in every weather condition. Plus, the side walls are high so they can prevent accidental falls. Moreover, the aluminum alloy is very anti-corrosive and sturdy. Another excellent feature of this is the tri-fold design for folding up quickly so that the setup and teardown process just takes seconds. Last but not least, unique and eye-catching design also makes it stand out. The price for this HomCom scooter ramp is slightly high.

3. Titan Ramps Loading Fold Utility Briefcase Scooter Ramp

This scooter ramp from Titan Ramps is designed to be compatible with curbs, landings, porches, and minivans. The product’s weight is 15 pounds, and its dimensions are 36 x 30 x 2 inches. It is described as an ideal item for helping people to cross the rugged surfaces, and it can also play a role as the loading ramp to transport things into vans and cars.

Plus, the durable and high-quality material makes it long-lasting and pleases you in the long run. Also, it is very simple to install as well as disassemble. Besides, this Titan Ramps scooter ramp is equipped with a serrated top and angled lip for its stability and smooth operation. The briefcase included assist you in taking the scooter ramp with you all the time. However, its price is slightly higher than some types on the market.

2. EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp, 3″ Rise

The scooter ramp of EZ-ACCESS is lightweight, so it can be easily transported through some rough terrain and eliminate some potential hazards on the trips. The product’s weight is 8 pounds, and its dimensions are 17 x 34 x 3 inches. The ramp’s threshold is all aluminum made and freestanding, which provides seam‐free, smooth, and sturdy for scooter, walker, and wheelchair.

Also, this scooter is perfectly suitable for some indoors chores such as navigating sliding doors, raised landings and navigating doorways. Besides, the components are also designed to fit tight for you to easily install as well as disassemble for compact arrangements in a smooth way. Additionally, the lightweight durable construction with folding design helps you in transportation a lot. Plus, the aluminum alloy is very anti-corrosive and sturdy, which ensures the long-term use of this EZ-ACCESS scooter ramp. However, the simple design makes it a bit less functional than some other popular types.

1. Prairie View Industries Solid Scooter Ramp

The last scooter ramp on this list comes from Prairie View Industries. The product’s weight is 15 pounds, and its dimensions are 36 x 30 x 4 inches. This Prairie View Industries scooter ramp is presented as a great choice for owning a tool to help you better transport your belongings.

Being crafted in the US and fully warranted by the manufacturer, it will make you satisfied with its durability and long-term operation. Additionally, the scooter ramp is prevented from rust in bad weather conditions because it is made from solid aluminum. Also, it is good for transitioning low stairs, porches, and curbs. However, its price is a bit high with a relatively monotonous design.


The scooter ramp nowadays is gradually becoming an essential item in every family. Not only used to transport furniture, but many parents also turn it into a playground for children. However, choosing the scooter ramp that best suits your needs is something you should consider. We hope the above reviews can help you buy your favorite scooter ramp.

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