Top 10 Best Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projectors – Buyer’s Guide

Wow, we are already over the halfway mark of the year, and Christmas is already heading our way. We are not sure about you, but we always try to change the festive season with new decorations. While it is not all about gifts for us, it is more about the Christmas spirit and decorations. One of these garlands is the Christmas outdoor light projector.

No matter your favorite festive symbol or pattern, you can find it available with the outdoor Christmas laser lights. You can use it to liven up the interior and exterior of the home. Whether it’s a party or festivity, the Christmas laser light projector is a simple yet affordable way to bring creativity into the family’s environment.

We have looked at different Christmas laser light projectors or outdoor use and found some that we would like to share with you. So if you want to get into the festive season’s spirit, check out the best Christmas outdoor light projectors at a reasonable price offered here.

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List of Best Top-Rated Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projectors:

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Best Christmas Outdoor Light Projector Reviews

10. 1byone Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector

Illuminate a vast area using the Christmas light projector to lighten up with thousands of stars. Once you start using the light, you will quickly agree with us that you do not need to spend a fortune on string lights anymore.

You can brighten up the home, café, or business interior or exterior using this projector light to create a fairy star wonderland. You will keep your neighbors and family entertained or make your customers feel right at home.

The laser light covers 2100 square feet using it at a distance of 25-feet with the beautiful green and red lights. The housing of the light casing is IP65 waterproof, and the power adapter is IP44.

Therefore, do you agree this is one of the broadest applications for outdoor Christmas laser lights at an affordable price?

Christmas Outdoor Light Projector at a glance:

  • Plug-and-play design to use in the home or garden
  • Equipped with green and red lights
  • Offers a broad application to cover 2100 square feet
  • Can use the lights stationary or flashing with the remote control
  • Fitted with automatic timer with an IP65 weather resistant casing and IP44 power adapter

What we like:

  • Comes with a year’s warranty
  • You get everything you need for setting it up
  • Made with durable housing and gorgeous light display

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

9. ALOVECO LED Laser Christmas Projector Lights

With the projector lights, you can bring the ocean and start to your home. The projection lamp offers you a green laser light with four different colors to brighten up any place.

The effects look realistic as it has ten lighting modes and will never bore you when used. You can set it up in a room to add color or place it outside to liven up the night sky.

You can project the image in any direction with the tilting design, and you get a wireless remote with a timer function for ease of use. Therefore, if you want to keep the family, Mesmerized chooses this projector light to display snowflakes with different moving speeds.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • Comes with a LED projector light, a power adapter, user-friendly remote control, ground stake, and round base
  • Fabricated with LED Ocean Wave Projection and has four different colors
  • Has a dimmer, timer with rotate function using the wireless remote control
  • Constructed with IP65 waterproof design with a 16-foot power cord

What we like:

  • Nice effects and bright
  • Can use it inside the home or in the yard
  • Worth the money

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

8. BulbHead Star Shower Motion Laser Light

Make your home the talk of the town with the dazzling holiday laser light from BulbHead. You can easily set the Christmas laser light projector up inside the house or brighten up the yard’s wall.

One thing you will agree with us is that it saves you money, and there is no need for struggling with tangled wires from your standard Christmas lights.

You get a plug and play with two light choices from sparkling red/green with two modes for still or dancing lights for each occasion.

Christmas Outdoor Light Projector at a glance:

  • Sold in packs of one, four, or six at affordable price
  • Plug and play making it easy to use
  • Two light choices between red and green
  • Two modes of use from static to twinkle

What we like:

  • Casts red and green dots on your house with a widespread display
  • Timer for auto on/off
  • Easy to set up

What we do not like:

  • Short power cord

7. Sparkle Magic Green Landscape Laser Light

Another option that we liked is the Sparkle Magic Holiday Illuminator Laser Light made for indoor/outdoor use as decorative lighting. The laser light has a green sparkle that looks great displayed on trees.

You can use it with other colors in the collection combined to create different highlighted colors simultaneously. The setup is hassle-free as it attaches to a base or the stem and only needs plugging in.

The design is simple and energy efficient with the 5W bulb and adjustable with a dial to produce different lighting effects.

Christmas Outdoor Light Projector at a glance:

  • A weatherproof design offering you the versatility to use it anywhere
  • Has an emerald green design displaying a green color
  • Comes with an adjustable dial to create different lighting effects

What we like:

  • Displays nice on trees
  • Portable design with the base and ground stake
  • Easy adjustable

What we do not like:

  • It takes some time to warm up

6. UNIFUN Waterproof LED Landscape Light Projector

The Christmas laser light projector for outdoor use offers you an all year round experience with the 16 replaceable slides. The laser light is red, blue, and installing the slides a breeze.

We like this model because it provides you with the versatility to use it for Halloween, Thanks Giving, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

You get a remote control to choose between different settings from a single red or a blue star show to star patterns or any other pattern you prefer.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • Combines red, blue starlight to brighten up your landscaping
  • You get a remote control to use the single red or blue star
  • Made with 16 changeable slides for any occasion in the year
  • Carries a CE/FCC/ROHS/FDA Certification
  • Designed with auto timer function

What we like:

  • Multiple patterns design to fit different themes
  • Affordable price if you consider the fact you can use it throughout the year

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

5. LEDMALL RGB Outdoor Christmas Light Projector

The Christmas laser light projector has three themes throughout the year for birthdays, weddings, and the festive season. You get 18 moving patterns on Halloween, so if you want to be in the spotlight before Halloween, get this light.

With this light projector, you can change different settings using the remote control, and it works well for DJ lighting with the moving firefly effects. You can even set the light to hold its memory with the last setting used is that not fantastic.

Included is a security kit with a base stage and stake extension for outside to keep everything in place. There is a timer function to switch it on/off automatically.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • RGB Christmas laser projector with three themes and 18 moving patterns
  • Comes with memory setting to use with a combination of two or three colors
  • Equipped with a base stage, stake extension, and security kit
  • Fitted with a timer function for auto on/off
  • Waterproof IP67 housing with plug and 25-foot long power cord

What we like:

  • Blown away with the quality of design
  • Excellent motion display
  • Bright and sharp colors

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

4. Ominilight Christmas Laser Lights with Landscape Projector

So why have we chosen this projector light? Well, you get two colored lights displayed in red and green to use at any party or festivity. You get a wide projection up to 2100 square feet making it a great option to have at home.

There is a built-in light induction to save energy, and it automatically shuts off during the daytime. On the other hand, it comes with a waterproof structure with the IP44 rating and suitable for snowy or rainy days.

Furthermore, it has an FDA/CE/FCC/REACH/ROSH/US-CA 65/ETL certification making it worthwhile to consider brightening up your festive season.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • Two-color light design in red and green
  • Covers up to 2100 square feet with its projection
  • Has built-in light induction to save costs on the utility bill switching off during the day
  • IP44 waterproof design with a safety FDA/CE/FCC/REACH/ROSH/US-CA 65/ETL certification

What we like:

  • Comes with a remote control that is easy to use
  • Offers you tripod and ground stake mounting
  • Affordable price and safe to use with all the certifications

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

3. Auxiwa Xmas Spotlight Projector Light

Whether you need to brighten up the landscaping, it helps to have this Christmas laser light projector outdoors and inside. The projector displays a vibrant green and red laser light that automatically changes to create magic this Christmas.

The light projects up to 600 square feet, and you will see the stars dancing in front of your eyes. You get a wireless remote with a timer function to switch the patterns without fussing to switch it on/off.

Installing the unit is comfortable with the ground stake, and you will see your garden light up in red/green lights.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • Comprise a red and green laser light that automatically changes
  • Covers up to 600 square feet of surface
  • You get a wireless remote with a timer function
  • Easy to install with ground stake and plug and play use

What we like:

  • Colorful display
  • Affordable price with easy setup
  • Durable design and holds up well outside

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

2. Telebrands Motion Laser Light Star Projector

With the motion laser light, you can skip the hassles of decorating your garden with string lights. The outdoor Christmas light projector has a motion activator button as well.

With the light daylight sensor, it turns on/off as needed to save power. You get a flat indoor base with a lawn stake to set it up anywhere.

You get two laser modes with a weather-resistant design and cover up to 3200 square feet of surface for a magical light display.

Christmas Outdoor Projector Light at a glance:

  • Projects thousands of moving laser lights
  • Comes with an extra-long stake to use outside
  • Made with two laser modes with the magic motion button
  • Weather resistance structure with round indoor base
  • Beam covers up to 3200 square feet

What we like:

  • Evident strong light
  • Accurate motion sensor to switch on/off
  • Value for money

What we do not like:

  • None Noted

1. BlissLights Mini Duo Outdoor Laser Projector

The MINI, you get double magic, making it a perfect Christmas laser light projector to use inside or in the yard. The compact light transforms the home into thousands of green and red pinpoint light displays.

The projector light covers 50 by 50 square feet using only this device to brighten up any place for everyone to enjoy. The price is affordable and provides you with an energy-efficient design.

You get a remote control function to shine the red, green, or both laser lights simultaneously. On the other hand, you can select from different effects to make the light twinkle or have a flash display.

With the weatherproof structure, it can withstand any element outdoors, and you will surely attract a lot of attention in the neighborhood.

Christmas Outdoor Light Projector at a glance:

  • Made up of duo lighting of green and red to brighten up 2500 square feet
  • Constructed with weatherproof ABS housing
  • You get a remote control to use the laser lights with different color lighting and speeds
  • Comprise of a set of two mini laser projectors with a timer and mounting accessories

What we like:

  • Affordable price for a pack of two lights
  • Easy to use the remote control
  • Bright light display

What we do not like:

  • The remote controller could have a better range for changing effects

Christmas Outdoor Laser Light Projector Buyers Guide

All of the above outdoor Christmas light projectors offer you ease of use, and if we could afford it, we would invest in each one. However, that is not possible and recommends looking at the following tips when selecting your preferred light projector.


When choosing your Christmas laser light projector, the crucial thing is that it needs to withstand the elements outside from rain to snow. Therefore, it helps if you can pick a projector light with at least an IP65 rating to ensure it works.

You do not want to keep running outside to cover it. Furthermore, you can find some of the products with an IP44 rating power plug and best to keep it protected against rain to prevent moisture from entering the adapter.


No matter which Christmas laser light projector outdoors you use, you can find it available in different designs and constructions. Some offer you a slide operation where you can change the pattern for various occasions throughout the year. While other models have the patterns engraved on the glass with changeable patterns used with a remote.

When choosing a projector light with a wireless remote, it offers you the flexibility to change the speed, color, patterns, and some even works with a timer to switch it on/off at a specific time. Alternatively, you can find one with motion control saving you a lot of money on the utility bill. No matter which one to choose, it needs to offer you ease of use.

Projection of the Light

With the outdoor Christmas laser light reviewed here, you can use it on the inside of your home to highlight your Christmas tree, bedroom, bar, party, and more. Alternatively, you can use it outside as well, and each product offers you a projection light available in square feet to show how much surface the beam covers.

Therefore, check how big the display needs to be when using it in the home or garden before investing in one. We recommend 3200 square foot coverage if you have a massive house while a 2000 square foot one is suitable enough to use on medium to smaller size homes.

Final Thoughts

Having a Christmas outdoor light projector will brighten up any occasion in your home or business to keep it festive throughout the year. With the outdoor Christmas light projector, you can make your garden look like a winter wonderland this year to make the neighbors talk and watch your magical display.

One thing you will agree with is that there will be no more ladders to climb on stringing fairy or Christmas lights. Each of the Christmases laser lights offers you the ease of use with the base or ground stake. Therefore, what are you waiting for! Prevent the rush and start brightening up your yard today with any of these light projectors now.

List of Best Selling Outdoor Christmas Laser Light Projectors:

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