Top 8 Best Futon Mattresses

If you live in a room that has limited space, then definitely you need to think of investing in Futon mattresses. They won’t disappoint. They will have your visitors and kids sorted out in the night while allowing you to easily fold them for storage during the day. Moreover, they can comfortably be used in dorms or guests rooms with ease. Again, for those in single-roomed house, these are the right mattresses for you.

We have reviewed 10 best futon mattress this year. This was after a study of several futon mattresses in the market and consideration of different factors. You will enjoy the comfort of these mattresses while still saving space during the day in your small room in 2019.

01. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full Size, Black

This is 8 inches mattress that is designed for maximum comfort and support. It is made of a high quality foam and polyester layer in between the cover and the coils to add to its comfort. It includes 522, 15 gauge coils that are encased independently. The mattress fits well on the futon frame: full size. Additionally, the mattress features a microfibre mattress cover. It is important to note that its arms and the frames are sold separately. Interestingly, the mattress does not contain ozone depletion and other harmful metals like lead and mercury.

02. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full Size, Chocolate Brown

If you suspect that your current mattress is the cause of your back pain, then you need to try this mattress. If comfort is what you need, it will give you maximum comfort. It is made of comfortable materials mainly high-quality form and also includes a polyester layering for maximum comfort. It also features 522 coils that are independently encased. Additionally, it has a microfibre cover and fits perfectly in the futon frame. Again for this mattress, the arms and frames are sold separately. This mattress is highly recommended for you if you need a sounding sleep.

03. D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses, Foldable, Black

This mattress is extremely comfortable. It is filled with cotton and has a layer of both polyester and foam to add to its comfort. The good thing with this mattress is that it can be folded and kept in a closet when not in need, and later be unfolded to be used. This makes it easy to store while also making it easy to be moved around with. It’s thickness, 3 inches allows it to be comfortably used on the floor.

04. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress, Full, Marmor

Serta Futons is made from a blend of cotton and polyester giving it it’s exceptional outlook and durability. Serta Futons is extraordinarily comfortable and is of lightweight. It has three layers of cotton surrounding 1 polyester layer plus an innerspring unit. It comes in a gray marmor upholstery grade fabric cover making it unique. Give it a try.

05. D&D Futon Furniture Queen Size Cotton / Polyester Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses, Black

This futon mattress is known for its extreme comfort and support. It is made of cotton, polyester, and foam. The 3″ thickness makes it comfortable to be used on the floor. Further, the mattress can be folded and unfolded with ease. This allows for easy storage and transport. Notably, the mattress may produce a slight smell that fades away with time. So you definitely shouldn’t worry about the smell.

06. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress “Classe”, Japanese Full Size. Made in Japan

This is yet another futon mattress. It is stuffed with antibacterial and antiticked and even more, it is deodorized. It provides maximum comfort that you need. The futon mattress has 100% cotton for the outer fabric. You will realize that it is vacuum sealed but gets back to the normal size once the package is opened. Notably, you can easily spread it on your bed mattress for more comfort. You can only appreciate this when you sleep on it.

07. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress “Classe”, California Queen Size

Next in our list is this futon mattress. It uses hygroscopic cotton for the outer fabric to add to its comfort. You can add this mattress to your bed mattress to improve your comfort. Again for this, it is vacuum sealed, but get to normal size when the package is opened. More importantly, it has antibacterial, antiticked and is also deodorized. For maximum comfort, consider this futon mattress.

08. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon Mattress, Khaki, Made in the USA

When it comes to maximum comfort, you can think about investing in this futon mattress. It is lace tufted to ensure enough comfort for you. This 8″ mattress has up to 288 innerspring unit designed for enough support. Additionally, it has a bottom and top cover made of foam and fibre that adds to its comfort.


Having gone through this review, we hope you appreciate you can still comfortably make use of the limited space in your room. With these affordable futon mattresses, you will enjoy the comfort, maximize on the space in your room yet spend very little. The mattresses are worth your penny. The good news is that with them, you are assured of durability and that they will serve the purpose well.

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