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Top 5 Best Corner Electric Fireplaces White in 2019

Electric fireplaces have become more and more popular today as many people tend to live in apartments or flats that have no fireplace or great central heating. These electric fireplaces still give the natural ambience of a fireplace without the smoke or fire risk, but they still offer as cozy a heat as if it was real.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 quality electric corner fireplaces that will fit perfectly in your home. I will be explaining all their features as well to ensure you are able to find the right fit for you an hour home.

01. Homestar ZK1GENOVA Genova Media Fireplace in Glossy Matte White

Homestar ZK1GENOVA Genova Media Fireplace in Glossy Matte White

With the Homestar ZK1 Genova you could heat up your living area with heat adjustments from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with an electric timer for you to be able to shut it off from 30 minutes to 8 hours. The Genova also comes with a remote able to control the LED lighting as well as the heat. If you buy this modern electric fireplace, you are also guaranteed a 1 year limited warranty. But best of all, the stunning beauty of this fireplace with its faux marble insert as well as its elegant crowning. It would make any home feel more exquisite.

02. JAMFLY Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Freestanding Heater Corner Firebox

JAMFLY Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Freestanding Heater Corner Firebox

Jamfly is a high quality electric fireplace made out of thick birch wood that will bring style to your home. It completely fires and smoke free, leaving you or your children able to touch the glass without burns. It comes with realistic logs and flame that you can adjust with 7 different brightness settings to make you feel nice and cozy. There are two heating settings, low and high, to heat up a space of 400 square feet. And with its quiet control air design, you will never hear it. A plus to buying the Jamfly is you also get a 1 year warranty and a refund or complete replacement within the first month of purchase.

03. JAMFLY Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Freestanding Heater Corner Firebox

JAMFLY Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Freestanding Heater Corner Firebox

The Lynette fireplace is also built as an entertainment center for any room of your choice. It comes with adjustable shelves and beautiful mullion and glass doors on the sides. With the center shelf above the heating insert, there is also a built-in cable management for easy setup. This solid wood fireplace also comes with a remote that can control the heating settings, the timer, and the brightness all in one. With this stylish design, you can’t go wrong.

04. AKDY 27″ Electric Fireplace Freestanding White Wooden Mantel Firebox 3D Flame


Akdy is known for its beautiful design with its crown molding for a mantel as well as its realistic 3D flames and logs in the insert. The simplistic design leaves it able to be placed anywhere and blend into the aesthetic of the household. It has a heat radius of 400 square feet like the others, making any room it’s in as comfy as can be. It’s the best feature though is a safety feature that will turn off the heat to keep it from overheating.

05. BOWERY HILL Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

BOWERY HILL Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

With Bowery and its corner convertible tab, any place is perfect for this fireplace. It is able to stand flat against a wall or snuggly in a corner without issue. For heating, it is able to heat up to 1000 square foot radius as well as retain any humidity for an even heat all around. It comes with a remote to control heat, flames, and downlight with ease. It even has 5 levels for your perfect ambience. It comes with amazing safety features as well. There is a child safety lock to ensure that they can not enter the heating insert. There is also an automatic shut off so it will not overheat.

You can’t go wrong with these choice fireplaces. Each gives its own unique style that can make your home feel inviting and cozy. With beautiful led flames and well-crafted inserts, you are bound to spend more time snuggled up around it. And even though they are electric, they bring the warm and cozy heat of any normal fireplace without the safety hazards.

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