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Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019 Reviews

Having a vehicle backup camera is like having eyes in the back of your head only they’re actually on your vehicle. They can be wired or wireless and usually mount on your rear bumper or license plate frame and have a dashboard-mounted monitor. The major difference between makes and models is the range of viewing angles. Normally, a 120-degree angle is sufficient for most vehicles, but if you plan on towing a trailer or a boat, a wider viewing angle could be in order. Some of the other options include weatherproofing, night vision and infrared capability. With a vehicle backup camera, you can stop worrying about what’s going on behind you because you’ll no longer be at risk of running into another vehicle or a low-hanging obstacle. It can help you to drive safer and even to get in and out of tight parking spaces with ease.

So, here are ten options from the Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019 Reviews for you to choose from:

10. Rearview Backup Camera System by Rosco Vision Systems


This offering from the Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019 Reviews comes complete with a weatherproof camera, a seven-inch full-color LCD monitor and a 65-ft harness. It’s vibration, shock and weather resistant and carries a one-year warranty. The increased visibility provided by this system can help in reducing accidents through improved complex maneuvering. It weighs 14.4 ounces and measures 6.9 by 1 by 5 inches.

9. Belle Brand- New Auto Safe Driving Combo


This combo comes with a seven-inch TFT LCD digital car rear view monitor and a waterproof car rear view camera by Belle. It provides easy installation right on your license plate with night vision. The package includes:

1- 7″ TFT LCD Monitor
1- Rear view camera
1- set- Monitor power cables
1- Easy-to-install monitor automotive bracket for easy installation
1- Monitor remote control
1- Monitor double-sided adhesive
1- 1.2M camera power cable
1- 5M Camera video cable
1- English user manual

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8. 7-inch TFT LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor with Waterproof Car Rear View Camera Combo by Babytree


This is another combo, but Babytree makes this one. The waterproof rear view camera has night-vision and is easy to install on your license plate. It has two-way video input and can connect to an Xbox, PS2, DVD or GPS for display purposes. It comes with a users manual in English and uses approximately 8W of power. The all-function remote control and 2:1 scanning system make this one quite convenient to use.

7. Rampage Products 7710 Black/Silver Medium Portable Wi-Fi Backup Camera


This camera by Rampage allows you to use a dedicated Wi-Fi connection between the camera and your smartphone by using an Android or iOS system. Rampage has its own proprietary app software called RamCam, which is included, but the tablet or smartphone is not. This unit comes complete with a dust shield for protecting your camera lens while not in use. It also includes a close-up light for conditions where there is low light. In addition, it includes a Micro USB Cable, a 12V Charging accessory and a stow-bag. You can operate this camera for four to six hours on a full charge. It weighs 11.2 ounces and measures ten by six by six inches.

6. CC510 Compact Automotive Color Camera with Distance Markers for CAU001 License Plate Frame by Clarion Corporation of America


This compact camera offers ¼ inch color CMOS sensor technology and high-visibility for both nighttime and daytime use. Its 0.5-lux low-light sensitivity makes it an exceptional buy. The horizontal viewing angle is 150-degrees and the vertical viewing angle is 100 degrees. This camera weighs 12.8 ounces and measures a tiny 0.9 by 0.9 by 0.9 inches.

5. Wireless IR Night Vision Rear View Backup Camera System and Seven Inch Monitor by Atian


This system is made specifically for trucks, trailers and buses. It offers IR Sensor vision, a high-res picture, low power consumption and a full-color display. It also has a night sensor that is built-in plus a wide angle lens for 120-degree vision, as well as 18 IR-LED lights for better vision at night. The camera comes with a metal bracket that is simple to mount. This system comes complete with

1- Monitor
1- Camera
1- Mounting Bracket
2- Power cables
1- Remote Control
2- Antennas
1- User Manual

4. Esky EC170-07 High Definition Color CCD Waterproof Car Backup Camera


This vehicle rear view camera offers a 170 degree viewing angle and is the LAB-503 updated version. It also delivers on its promise of being easy for both installing and operating. It’s the perfect solution to limited rear view vision when driving. With its HD color CCD image, NTSC TV system, 628 x 586 pixels, 420 TV lines and DC 12V power supply, this is an exceptional buy on a tiny camera that only weighs four ounces.

3. TaoTronics® Rear View Backup Camera Bar Type License Plate Mount – TT-CC22

This is a waterproof IP67 / color CMOS camera with a 170-degree diagonal viewing angle. It also has a 120-degree tiltable lens that goes up and down. Easy license plate mounting makes installation a snap.

2. Pyle PLCM18BC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Parking Reverse Camera


This popular camera offers built-in distance scale lines, true color reproduction and night vision plus it’s waterproof. It comes complete with installation cables, a fog-resistant housing, low lux lighting performance and a marine grade IP67 rating.

1. HDE Waterproof Rearview Backup License Plate Color Vehicle Camera


This camera is number one among the Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019 Reviews for its low price, excellent reverse parallel parking night vision and swiveling adjustable license plate mount for better angles. It weighs 7.2 ounces and measures 9.8 by 1.2 by 1.6 inches overall.

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