Top 5 Best Car Dash Cameras

A car dash camera is exactly what it sounds like – a camera that is mounted around or in the dashboard of your car. They are easily attached with a suction cup mount, direct friction mounts (sticky rubber pads) or can even be built right into a replacement rear mirror. They are powered by batteries and hardwired into the vehicles 12V system or cigarette light. It records everything it sees as you go about driving.

These cameras come in pretty much any configuration you can think of, from a single lens to multiple lenses that allow for recording both front and rear simultaneously. 1080p capable cams are starting to become standard, but VGA versions are still around and can be purchased cheaply. While dash cams are most often seen in cars, they aren’t just for the auto industry. They can be found mounted on the heads of two-wheeled vehicle drivers, too.

No matter what you need them for, check out the top 10 best car dash cameras in 2016 reviews below.

5. G1W-C Capacito Model Dashboard Cam by Black Box

10. G1W-C Capacito Model Dashboard Cam by Black Box

This dashboard camera is one of the best 1080p HD dashcam you can get on a budget which uses a unique combination of the Aptina AR0330 Lens and the Novatek NT96650 Chipset. This camera features 1080p audio and video recording, G-Sensor capabilities, night vision, and the best in reliability. The LCD screen is 2.7 inches and high resolution, making it easy to navigate with. It is simple to set up and the suction mount lets you attach it to any surface which is flat in just seconds. It will start up automatically when your car starts up.

4. Dash Cam and Standalone Driving Recorder by Garmin

8. Dash Cam and Standalone Driving Recorder by Garmin

This easy to use dashcam gives you high-definition recording capabilities while you drive. The 2.3 LCD display is easy to read and the camera records both video and audio. It also has GPS for detailed location and time data that pinpoints exactly when and where events happened. You can mount the camera to your windshield and record your drive in 720p, 1080p or WVGA. It records in a continuous loop using the 4 GB microSD card that is included. For more memory, you can add a larger microSD card.

3. V1 2.7 LCD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera by Rexing

7. V1 2.7 LCD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera by Rexing

This dash camera has 1920×1080 full HD resolution and photography compression technology. The 170 degree lens has six layers of glass and the camera is not easily noticed due to its discreet design. It continuously records on a loop, overwriting the oldest video file with the most recent. It has a G-sensor which automatically detects impacts and can lock the data into memory so that you have video proof of the scene and what happened.

2. X1 Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camcorder by KDLINKS

5. X1 Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camcorder by KDLINKS

With insurance costs rising, having this dashboard camera for your vehicle could save you more money than the price of the camera itself. It is useful for all drivers and will start recording right away when you start your car up. It has a night mode as well to make sure you get high quality recordings in low light conditions. No details escape the F1.6 high quality lens on this camera. The six-glass lens and very sensitive AR-0330 sensor ensure excellent quality videos.

1. G1W Dashboard Camera by Black Box

3. G1W Dashboard Camera by Black Box

This dash camera has 1080P HD and is simple to set up, mounting to any flat surface on your dash. The camera will automatically start up when you start the ignition of your car and will record on an infinite loop. It has a 2.7″ high res LCD screen which can playback directly on the camera. You will always have data available for viewing and protection.

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