Top 10 Best Bedroom Floor Lamps

Sometimes, you need some additional light to lighten up a bedroom. It does not just have functionality, but it may make an impression on a bedroom’s style, design, and also ambiance. This is due to the cat that the floor lamps come in all shapes and also sizes. You may choose between eight general features, not to suggest supplies, color, and even the kind of bulb.

With so several choices available and also a lot of factors to keep in brain, preferring the excellent floor lamp may become a fantastic endeavor. If you do rather appreciate lighting up the room now instead of spending time looking through catalogs and also in stores, we have got simply the list for you. Below is the list of the top best floor lamps available in the market.

10. Brightech Liam – Asian Lantern Shade Tree LED Floor Lamp

It is easy to match downlight, or uplight operates with the mid-century, the retro, the vintage, the industrial, the Chinese, the Japanese and also the urban decors. The Liam’s three bright lamps give it numerous as a behind a couch, book lamp. This Brightech Liam holds a 9.5 Watt, and an 800-lumen energy-saving LED bulb.

09. LEONC Design 61” Creative LED Floor Lamp

This Floor Lamp has a perfect design and also fits perfectly in any bedroom from modern to old décor. It has a texture in a piece of fabric that makes it most look similar a marble statue,light is quite gently and also comfortable on your eyes. The goal of LEONC is to give creative, beautiful and innovative lighting.

08. Brightech Halo Split – Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

This bedroom floor lamp is bright enough to all kind. It base fits below most beds, recliners, and also chairs, that implies you can have a light over the region without it taking up additional room. This brightech created a halo split with the children security in mind. This product comes together with a great 3 years warranty.

07. Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

A bedroom floor lamp should not be complicated to get the job completed. It can only be as easy as a the Brightech Litespan LED floor lamp. It does come in five different colors for you to pick from. People love the fact which you can quickly change the angle of light, and also it uses power-saving 12-watt LED bulb.

06. Brightech Maxwell Charging Edition – LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech Maxwell is two in one stand up Asian wooden lamp and the shelves. This gorgeous floor lamp may use both selves also floor lamp commonly. This bedroom lamp refers to the soft ambient light to contemporary spaces with three tired performance shelving for the continued opportunity.

Brightech Maxwell lamp operates with the smart outlet, which can be controls power turn on and also of works with the Alexa. Its off-white shade softened a brightness of the light and also opened at the top of the light into the diffused glow.

05. Brightech Montage Bedroom and Living Room LED Floor Lamp

It’s difficult to ignore the Brightech’s stranglehold on effective, it is affordable lighting, and the Montage is yet added home run. This standing bedroom lamp works effectively if you need to read in bed, and you can put it to angle the light to a position where you require it.

It has an energy-effective LED bulb right for 20,000 hours of use, have the same power of lighting as incandescent or even halogen bulbs without a stiff electricity bill or even environmental footprint. It has a full 3 years of warranty.

04. Brightech Carter LED Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

This is one of best floor lamp for many people is in a standard, versatile design which works with various kinds of decor and also in multiple spaces, including bedrooms. A bedroom-style lamp is one of the usual versatile and even types of recognizable bedroom floor lamps. The initial design adds a single-bulb fixture with perfect shade and also a simple pole stands round base.

03. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

This brightech sky LED light is one sort of mood and also task light. You may use these bedroom floor lamps for bright light both your bedroom and children’s bedrooms. It has dimmable perfect brightness to 30 watts LED that is similar to 200-watt incandescent. This Brightech Sky stands right to solve your bedroom darkness issues.

02. Brightech Emma LEDs Tripod bedroom Floor Lamp

Brightech Emma is a bedroom floor lamp with tripod designs of wooden support decorated in the birch or even walnut and also crowned with full white shade. Just buy this lamp up to a bright outlet and also you can command it remotely in-app on the smartphone or even using voice control and also your favorite practical butler.

01. Revel Akira 80″ Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp with 3-Way Switch

You may twitch the lighting, so one, two or even all lamps fire into operation, so you get a beautiful alternative to a conventional dimmer. All arms give multi-directional light so you will get a level of illumination you require whether you are working away at the bedroom table, reading in the bed or even just waking up in the morning.


The above are the Best Bedroom Floor Lamps available in the market. Choose the best for you that suits all your needs, buy it and start enjoying its services.

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