Top 10 Best 2 Slice Toasters

You would all agree with me that it is quite boring to eat buttered bread every morning right? Well, you change this by investing in the two-slice toaster. The majority of these toasters are made with different programming options which allows you to make your preferred toast in the morning. So, whether you want to make that crunchy or crispy spiced toast, with the following toasters, you will be able to it.

01. Black + Decker 4-Slice Toaster

Your morning breakfast or your kids’ snacks are all sorted with the use of this toaster. It comes with two selector shades which enable you to set how the toasters will be made at the end. It has extra-wide slots that allow you to comfortably slide in your bread without breaking it. This feature also allows one to use thick toasts to ensure a great crunchy taste too. Other features in this toaster include the bagel control which is ideal for adding crispy taste on the toast and, it also has the defrost option for defrosting.

It is quite safe to use even with kids since the level raises the toast up for easy reach without touching the hot parts of the device. The presence of the crumbs tray allows you to remove all the burnt crust from the toaster.

02. Cuisinart CPT-415 Countdown 2-Slice Toaster

The toaster is made with stainless steel material that ensures it does not rust or corrode when washed. It is small in size as it only makes two medium-sized slices of toasts at a go. The device is also equipped with an LCD screen which allows one to monitor the timing of the toaster. The device also has a removable tray which is used to empty all the burnt crumbs that may have fallen on the toaster.

It features a total of seven toast setting which includes; bagel, defrost, and also the reheat option. The bread slots measure about 1 1/2 inches wide which is ideal for middle-sized slices.

03. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster

Whether you want to warm your readymade toast or you need to make crunchy toast, this is the best toaster to use. It is equipped with two slice making slots and has different setting for one to choose. It has an auto shut off mechanism whereby it immediately goes off once the toasts are ready. The walls of the gadget stay cool even when it is on thus making it safe for use by kids too. It is easy to operate and comes with push buttons for these purposes.

04. Cuisinart CPT-122 2 Slice Compact Plastic

The outer parts of the toaster are crafted with plastic material that keeps them cool when on while the toaster accents are made of stainless steel material which does not rust even when touched by water. It has different toast making options which include defrost, bagel and reheat. The toaster unit has timer setting whereby one is supposed to choose the right time for making the toast.

05. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Toaster

The toaster features a beautiful exterior design which makes it look elegant in your counter. The exterior is made of cool material to touch. It is made with an automatic toast booster and a try crumb that is removable for cleaning. Also, the toaster is designed with different toasting modes which are ideal for making different types of toasts.

Whether you want to toast a bagel, defrost or even reheat, the device offers all these and many more. The toaster makes two slices of bread at once and the slice slot measures about 1.5 inches wide.

06. Cuisinart CPT-160 BKS Metal Classic Toaster

The toaster is made with a beautiful exterior material that does not rust even when touched by water. It has a total of six toasting programs which include the defrost, reheat, and even bagel option. It has an LED indicator that allows you to monitor the functioning of the toaster. The slide slots are made of 1 1/2 inches ideal for the majority of bread slices. The unit is packed with a three-year warranty against the manufactures defects and it also has breadcrumbs tray that is removable for easy cleaning.

07. Toaster 2 Slice Stainless steel by TO BOX

This is rated among the top best toasters on the market. The exteriors are made with stainless steel material thus it is durable and does not get stained or rust from the water. It works quite fast and it also multiple toasting options to choose from. The bread slots are quite wide to allow large slices of bread to fit in and the lever raises the toasted bread a high level for easy reach by all. All customers are given a warranty which allows you to claim your money back.

08. KitchenAid KMT2116CU 2 Slice Slot Toaster

The toaster is made with a silver contour on the outer side which makes it sit well on the kitchen counter. It is made with high reside lever which makes it comfortable to access bread from the toaster. This product is easy to operate and monitor the device since it is equipped with a control knob and it has a total of seven toasting options to choose from. It has an under base cord to avoid distractions when working on the table. The slots measure 1.5 inches wide.

09. Vremi Toaster 2 Slice Stainless Steel Retro Toaster

The toaster is made with a beautiful silver finish on the exterior and it is water-resistant well. The device is suitable for making different forms of toasts and has temperature control which makes it easy and possible to make the different toasts. Some of the program options on the toaster include reheat, defrost and also bagel. The slots are wide to allow fixing of large bread slices and the bread lift level raises to a high level for easy access of the bread. Comes with a one year warranty against any defects.

10. Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

The toaster comes in different colors for you to choose the color that will match your kitchen decor. It features two large slots which allow one to slide in large-sized slices of bread. The bottom part has a removable crumbs tray which makes it easy to maintain cleanliness on the unit.

It has a total of 6 browning options and three preset programs for reheating, defrosting and also for making a bagel. The device automatically pops up the toast once it’s ready.


These are the top ten best 2 slice toasters on the market today. The best part is that they are sold at pocket-friendly prices such that all people can be able to get a good model and, they are easy to maintain as well. Those made of steel are safe to wash with water since they feature stainless steel materials.

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