2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

As the world has known, Bentley is a huge brand name of luxurious cars on earth under the authority of the British Automaker. Specifically for the Bentley Continental GT, it is the first Bentley car ever produced by Bentley Automaker after its acquisition has been owned by the Volkswagen GA-Management in 1998. And, the Bentley model firstly appeared in the market in 2003. Among all the versions of the Bentley Continental GT, one of the most interesting models is the 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible.

First of all and needless to say, every model of the Bentley is produced for the premium market, and its price is far much higher than the normal cars. At the current market price, for a 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible would cost around $250 000. However, it does have more superior value, features, and functions.

Without a doubt, as the British Bentley Automaker is under the management of the Volkswagen, this Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible shares the basic platform of Volkswagen, but it possesses its own unique. By just seeing its design, you can say it is a premium car for high-class people. For the 2014 model of this Bentley Continental, it was built as the Bentley Hard Top Convertible. The overall design of this Bentley Hard Top Convertible is so handsome and premium that so many rich and famous people have chosen to own this car.

Another feature of this 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible is its speed. It was built as among the sports car with the fastest speed. This Bentley Continent model could be sped up to 202 mph. That is really a favorite for those who like to play with the speed on the road. This will surely create an amazing experience. And, it is this speed that has gotten the major part of the attention of those who have decided to buy them.

Their interior and exterior designs are without a question a big element in making this series a great choice. Since it is in the premium luxury car category, the design and all the material used to set up this car are among the best and most expensive materials. That makes it look stunning, fashionable, high class, and comfortable. For instance, the wings of them are made from Aluminum. That is to save weight. Another example would be to hard top convertible feature. That is really a stop-and-look-at-me point of the Bentley.

Nonetheless, this Bentley Continent is built to have more than just the awesome look but also the experience. If you just open the door and get in to sit in the Luxury Bentley Car, you will feel differently from sitting in the rest of the normal cars. Again, that is because everything is made from the finest materials by the most skillful craftsmen. This altogether makes up a unity design that makes the whole Bentley Continent among the best and most awesome luxury premium cars in the market. Owning this type of car, you will never have to be worried about comfort during the drive.

The last feature that the brand name cares about is security. Everything that is put up together to produce this car has been tested so many time to assure that they have the best and most secure condition for the drivers and all the passengers inside. Any technical mistake of the car that could lead to the accidence could badly affect the brand. That is why they are very careful to make every single car of Bentley the best and safest car to drive.

This kind of luxury car brand name has everything to make itself very unique and outstanding. This Bentley Continent is one example of it. And, it takes them for years to have built the trust they have assured in their customers’ confidence. As a result, Bentley could be seen and viewed as among the finest sports cars in the world. Owning the Bentley would be a dream to millions of people, and if it can be done, it is a great achievement of life. However, only some rich people would be able to afford to have this car.

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